Purchasing process

Browsing and purchasing products in our web shop are possible without registration. The specialty of our website is that you can design and order your own unique jewel with our jewel designer application. Simply choosing a ring from our catalogue is also possible.
Ordering jewels from the catalogue
If you would like to purchase a product from our catalogue, please choose the proper size, and the required quantity, then click on the „Add to cart” button to put it/them into the basket. If you would like to buy other different rings as well, by clicking on the „Continue shopping” button you can continue browsing the products. The next ring you like could be added to the cart on the same way mentioned above. You can find your card at the bottom of the page. You can remove the selected products from the cart by clicking ‘X’ button next to the product name.
Ordering self-designed jewel
In our web shop you have the possibility to design your own unique jewel and order it. We prepare it for you. Using our jewel designer application you are able to choose the material, frame, and socket of the ring of your dreams. Finally you can top up your creation adding the perfect gem to it. During the designing process, you can continuously monitor the actual price of your jewel.After finishing the designing process please click on „Add to cart” button. 
The pictures / illustrations that can be see in the webshop or you design may minimally differ from the reality in order to keep the needed physical limitations. 
Finalization of the order 
Before the finalization of your order, please choose the most suitable delivery deadline for you, then click on „Forth” button. Following this, you will arrive to the form page of personal data. Ordering is possible without registration, so the personal data of the customer shall be given here. Delivery information and payment type shall be given here as well. It is also possible on this page to give a different billing address and send us or the courier useful comments regarding your order. Having finished with all of these steps, you can send us your order by clicking „Finish shopping” button. Your order is accepted by us, and the contract between the parties is concluded when your 
order is checked and confirmed by one of our colleagues. The confirmation will include the expected arrival time of the ordered product(s).
Delivery services
- home delivery by courier service
- personal receipt in our shop
You will be informed about the exact date and time of delivery/reception one business day before that date. 
Payment types and conditions
Fifty percent of the order value shall be paid by the customer as advance payment together with order finalization. The remaining fifty percent of the purchase price will be due when receiping the product(s).
Advance payment types:
-Money transfer or cash-in payment at a bank
In this case, before sending the order confirmation a prepayment request about the fifty percent of the purchase price will be sent to the customer via e-mail. This amount shall be paid by the the customer via bank transfer or cash-in payment at a branch to the bank account included in the e-mail within 5 days. Please indicate the ordet number inculeded int he e-mail in the comment coloumn of bank transfer / cash-in payment. In default of the advance payment, the order will be automatically cancelled after 5 days.
-Online payment with debit/credit card
In this case the customer will be diverted to the page of online bankcard payment operated by the Bank, where the advance payment can be fulfilled on the standard way of this payment type.
-PayPal payment
In this case the customer will be diverted to the payment page of PayPAl, where the advance payment can be fulfilled on the standard way of this payment type.
-Cash  payment in our shop
In case none of the payment types mentioned above would be suitable for the customer, it is possible to fulfill the advance payment in cash in our shop within five days from the order date.
Payment types for the remaining fifty percent of the purchase price
In case the customer selected personal receipt in our shop, the remaining amount can be paid in cash or by debit/credit card. If the customer chose home delivery, the remaining amount shall be paid in cash to the courier.
VAT is included in our webshop prices
The weight data shown in the online store is for average ring size and is only approximate and depends largely on the size of the rings
The website operator reserves the right to change prices.



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Szuper volt minden a rendelt gyűrű gyönyörű lett.

Kocsis Kinga

Kedves Zoltán! Kedves kolleginák!

A leányom meghozta a gyűrűmet és "olyan", sőt "OLYAN", amilyennek a tervező segítségével megálmodtam. Igazán nagy örömet szerzett nekem. Köszönöm a gyors és szép munkájukat.
Szilágyi Éva

Szilágyiné Kárpáti Éva

Hey Zoltan:
The ring sparkles brighter and more brilliantly than anything I've ever seen in my life.
Fortunately, my lady (Cara) agrees, and after travelling from Budapest to Venice, I was able to ask her to marry me on a roof-top terrace in Venice after a fireworks show. She said yes, and she hasn't stopped staring at the ring since. We are back in Canada now and are sharing the news with family and friends.
Thank you so much for your services, I will write up a more specific testimonial for you in the near future.

Drew Rankin

Dear Zoltan Karl,

I'm very sorry for the late reply.
The ring is fantastic!
Thank you very much!!
If I Anytime visit your City, i will come to you shop an have a look!
Best Regards from Germany

Ruffing Matthias

Kedves Zoltán!
A gyűrűket megkaptam, mindenki hálás a családban önnek. További sok sikert kívánok az élet bármely területén!
Még egyszer: Köszönöm.
Üdv : Dobos Gábor

Dobos Gábor

Kedves Zoltán!

Ma reggel megérkezett a gyűrűm. Szeretném megköszönni, gyönyörű lett, pont olyan, amilyennek elképzeltem a tervezés során.

Klepach Adrienn

Klepach Adrienn
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Vásárlóink mondták