Can I cancel my order?
The customer was eligible for foregoing the shopping based on common megeggyezés and a unique judgement only and exclusively with what the ordered jewels the 45/2014. (II. 26.) Korm. order the 29. parag (1) his dot c) the basis of his paragraph like that not produced product , that you are expressed based on the consumer's instruction his request manufactured, you are like that in the case of a product, that unambiguously onto the consumer's person they cut
What happens, if the product get to be damaged during the delivery?
The courier service provider is fully responsible for the damages occured during the delivery.
Is discrete delivery possible?
In case the customer indicates his/her demand for it in the comment box during the finalization of the order, the purchased jewel will be delivered in descrete, unrecognizable packaging 
How can I ascertain that the deliverd jewel is prepared with the same quality gem I originally ordered it?
For every piece of our unique jewels we issue certificate of origin for free.
Do you provide warranty for the jewels?
We provide lifetime warranty for our jewels.The warranty is not valid in the following cases:
• Refunding the value of damages due to improper use, like: staining effects of chemicals, detergents, and perfumes.
• Mechanical injuries: damages and/or breakages because of dropping, stepping on it or the fallout of the gem etc. 
’Designing your own jewel’ menu
Please consider that the final price of the jewel can change in each phase of the designing process. During the process you can continuosusly monitor the actual purchase price of your own jewel.
1. Please choose the requested material of your ring.
2. Please select the frame type you like.
3. Please choose a socket for your ring
4. Please select the required gem and its size. If you do not choose a gem for your ring, it will be prepared with zirconia. The price of the jewel can change due to the modification of the size of the gem.
5. The planning process is finished. Please choose the size of the ring. You can find useful hints about how to choose the proper size in our downloadable guide.
6. Please select the delivery date which one is the most suitable for you. Please consider that the final purchase price is variable depending on the delivery deadline.
Please select one form the possible payment methods, and please give those pesonal data of yours that are required for the order.

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Kedves Zoltán! Kedves kolleginák!

A leányom meghozta a gyűrűmet és "olyan", sőt "OLYAN", amilyennek a tervező segítségével megálmodtam. Igazán nagy örömet szerzett nekem. Köszönöm a gyors és szép munkájukat.
Szilágyi Éva

Szilágyiné Kárpáti Éva

Köszönök szépen mindent, minden tökéletes volt

Gyenes Gergő

Dear Zoltan Karl,

I'm very sorry for the late reply.
The ring is fantastic!
Thank you very much!!
If I Anytime visit your City, i will come to you shop an have a look!
Best Regards from Germany

Ruffing Matthias

Kedves Zoli!

Még egyszer nagyon köszönöm a csodás gyűrűt. Megtörtént a lánykérés és minden tökéletesen sikerült, a páromnak nagyon tetszik a gyűrű.


Chikán Balázs

Kedves Zoltán!

Ma reggel megérkezett a gyűrűm. Szeretném megköszönni, gyönyörű lett, pont olyan, amilyennek elképzeltem a tervezés során.

Klepach Adrienn

Klepach Adrienn

Hey Zoltan:
The ring sparkles brighter and more brilliantly than anything I've ever seen in my life.
Fortunately, my lady (Cara) agrees, and after travelling from Budapest to Venice, I was able to ask her to marry me on a roof-top terrace in Venice after a fireworks show. She said yes, and she hasn't stopped staring at the ring since. We are back in Canada now and are sharing the news with family and friends.
Thank you so much for your services, I will write up a more specific testimonial for you in the near future.

Drew Rankin
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